Membership in the Ontario Steam and Antique Preservers Association is easy. Once Registered and Approved, you will gain access to our Private Members Only Area. There you will be able to access our Membership Directory, Register for Exclusive Member Only Events, participate in online forums and make new connections with people of similar agricultural heritage interests. 

There are Two levels of Membership Available to new applicants, being Junior and Regular, we also have extended discounts for Spouses or Partners when registering for a Regular type Membership Bundle. Please review the various levels / Bundles and select the one appropriate for you or your needs!

Please, feel free to email our Membership Chair if you have any questions regarding Our Memberships.

Memberships are valid for a period of one Calendar year commencing January 1st thru to December 31st. All Membership Dues, Fees and any other outstanding amounts owed must be paid in full no later than March 1st, of the Current Membership Year. Membership Renewals that are NOT completed, including full payment, as of March 1st of the Current Membership Year shall be automatically SUSPENDED and all membership privileges in the Association shall be suspended until the renewal process, along with any additional fees, is completed in accordance with our Bylaws. Suspended Memberships will not be renewed until the following year.


Memberships may be renewed for the following Membership Year at the Annual STEAM-ERA show. Memberships for the CURRENT Membership year will NOT be accepted at the Annual STEAM-ERA show.


The Membership renewal period will last for a period of five (5) months, commencing October 1st through to March 1st of the subsequent year.

The Association understands that under extra-ordinary circumstances a member may not be able to renew their membership during the renewal period specified above. If you feel that your circumstances are extra-ordinary, an application in writing may be submitted to the board of directors for consideration.



Regular Members are actively Volunteering in the Operation, Administration, Management of all club activities and events. These individuals contribute to the Association on a regular basis, by holding positions on our Board of Directors, Various Committees, and designated Chair positions. Regular Membership comes with recognition in the club, exclusive discounts for Spouses or Partners. A Regular Member has voting privileges which are immediately active once your Membership Application has been approved. Regular Members must have reached the age of eighteen (18) as of January 1st of the current Calendar year. Regular Memberships are currently $45.00 for the Calendar year and $40.00 if you renew your Regular Membership on or before February 1st.  Please Join Us


A Regular & Spouse / Partner is a Bundle  designation for Administrative Purposes and consists of a "Bundle" of two (2) Regular Memberships. Use this Bundle when Applying for a Regular Membership for you and your Spouse / Partner. Using this Bundle results in the Applicant and their Spouse / Partner both acquiring Regular Membership in the Association, upon application approval. The members of the Regular & Spouse Bundle assume all the rights and privilege's of a Regular Member. A Regular & Spouse / Partner Bundle is currently $65 for the calendar year and $55 when renewed on or before February 1st. Please Join Us


Junior Members are individuals who have not reached the age of eighteen (18) years of age as of the end of the calendar year, (December 31st), directly preceding their Membership Registration Year. Eg. if Registering for a Junior Membership in 2024, the applicant must not of attained the age of 18 years as of December 31, 2023. Junior Members are non-voting members. The Membership Fee for a single Junior Membership is currently $7.50.

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