The Association operates entirely on amazing volunteers who are passionate about Ontario’s agricultural history and without their tireless dedication we could not put on this incredible show.  All of our tasks are organized and supervised by chairpersons, and some require additional volunteers throughout the show.  The following is a list of some of the volunteer positions that need to be filled.

We require a 4-hour minimum commitment.  With a 4-hour commitment we will offer you a meal voucher for use after your shift at the show. With an 8-hour commitment we will offer you 2 meal vouchers and breaks throughout the day. Please dress according to the weather – we are open to the public, rain, or shine.  Some positions will have shade, some will not, so bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, etc. -- THIS IS AN OUTDOOR EVENT!!

Volunteer Positions

Parking Attendant: assist other parking attendants with ensuring smooth traffic flow from the road into the parking lot while keeping pedestrians safe.

Food Booth: take orders and prepare food.

Gate Greeter: greet our guests at the front gate, provide a program, and stamp tickets.

Steamed Corn: serving steamed corn at the vending booth.

People Mover: 2 safety persons are required on each people mover wagon to be in contact with the driver and the riders.

Litter Pick-Up: general clean-up on the grounds throughout the day.

Trading Post: 1 person inside and 1 person outside to assist with lifting items, answering questions, and general security.

Admission Gate: taking money from guests and providing them with an admission ticket in return.

Learn to Drive a Tractor/Kidz Zone: assist with filling out waivers and certificates for guests learning how to drive a tractor an supervise children on mini electric tractor track.

If You are interested in Volunteering for one or more of the positions available please go to Volunteer Halton by clicking here, or email volunteer@osapa and one of our Volunteer Coordinators will contact  you directly.

Thanks for your consideration in Volunteering for our Association.

Download a copy of our VOLUNTEER HAND BOOK HERE

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